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Interview with Cecco e Cipo

This week I had the great pleasure of getting into contact with the Italian Indie band duo Cecco e Cipo. I have been a follower of this group for a few months and their truly unique style and live performances of wearing pig masks and hitting on boxes for drums, led me to get in touch with these two artists. Besides wanting to ask them about their group I wanted to also know more about what they thought of the Indie scene in Italy and where it is going.

Here is a translated version of the interview .

 1) What does the name “Cecco e Cipo” mean?
Cecco and Cipo is simply the diminutive of our real names, Ceccanti, Cipollini, for friends, Ben, and Cipo.

 2) Where are you both from?
We are both from Empoli, a small town outside of Florence, we are  friends since childhood, we grew up together.

 3) Why Pigs?
We love pigs. Nothing else to add.

 4) Could you talk a little about the Indie music scene in italy?
The ‘indie music scene here in Italy, is a continuous wheel, there are many bad photocopies of all that were beautiful, but like, it works, especially for the newer generations that all things seem new, but not really I am not, indeed, some copy right. While I think there are very valid artists, who managed to take the old and revolutionize it with a kind of new style, there are artists who deserve the success, others who do it just because everybody does it.

5) What do you think of the future of Indie Music in Italy and where it is going?
Well, no doubt we prefer the ‘indie business, I think there are wonderful artists, songwriters hidden that we should bring out more … We should give more value to artists like them instead to artists who sell millions of records without knowing what they say , here in Italy it is needed, that ‘is the stuff that runs on TV that you can not hear!

 6) Where is your favorite place to play music in Italy?
We are trying to bring our music almost everywhere, in a sense, we feel like little street artists, we like playing with two guitars and a tambourine on our back. There are many nice rooms, outside of Florence, that music is a bad place, where local people come on purpose to hear what you say, as if you are there to tell a story, sometimes this happenes and it’s great

 7) What musical artists have influenced you?
We are passionate about the songwriting of old cloth, De Andrè, De gregarious, Rino Gaetano, the pillars of Italian music, we feel very attached to them.

 8) If I am not from Italy where can I find your music and help?
Today the internet is becoming a means of communication, so great that one can not help but use. We are making a name for ourselves, thanks to the web. We have songs loaded on the old My Space, Rockit, Soundcloud, we have our Facebook fan page, now like everyone else, and for the most passionate we blame the disc on itunes.

 9) If Indie Italy can help would you come to the United Staes to play your music?
We are doing everything to move, it would be our dream to play our music even from your parts, really thanks.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you would like to check out the actual Italian version please click here Cecco e’ Cipo Italian interview

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